The Tantamount Difference

What sets Tantamount Apparel apart is that our company and philosophies are built around a cycle of equality. Our shirts are sustainably sourced from incredibly soft, eco-friendly fabric in Bali, Indonesia. We employ sweatshop-free, fair-wage labour to local Balinese women. Instead of traditional cookie cutter standard t-shirt styles, we are able to custom make the fit and cut for our items. We are therefore able to provide a more current and enjoyable style. The shirts are full of love from the very beginning! Our unique designs challenge societal norms and have enough edge to keep all eyes on you. 

At Tantamount Apparel, we don't stop there. As 'tantamount' means equalitywith each purchase from our online store, we will personally deliver one pound of organic, fresh, and healthy fruits and vegetables to people who are currently experiencing homelessness in Vancouver. We believe we hold responsibility for one another, and that all species - both animals and humans - are tantamount to each other.

Why do we donate fruits and vegetables? Drastic health inequalities can be measured in the lack of access to adequate nutrition that vulnerable populations are subject to. A poor diet leads to health conditions that often can be reversed by eating a balanced vegan diet. Unfortunately, many food drives only accept canned and processed goods with long shelf lives and people often donate food they would no longer put into their own bodies. 

Health should not be a privilege, because access to food is a right we all share. 

With a dream and a vegan diet, Tantamount Apparel now supports jobs globally, sources soft pure fabrics, gives a voice to animals, and donates healthy food to those who need it. 

Tantamount Apparel brings joy and positive change each step of the way!